Non-members and guests can browse the website and look at classified adverts but cannot create a topic or reply to a topic on the site.

Registered members can browse the site and can add topics to the selling forums as well as comment on topics

Registering for an account is free.

Membership is free.

Register For An Account

To register go to the Register Page and fill in the (simple!) form. Tick to say that you are not a Robot and if requested fill in the anti-spam check. Tick the tick boxes (after reading them of course!) and then click on the Register bar.

An email will be sent to the email address that you used which will provide a link to set up your password.
Please note that if your email hasn’t arrived in a few minutes have a look in your Spam or Junk folder for it! 

Follow the link in the email and create your password.

You can now sign into our site and participate in the forums.

Creating An Advert

In our “For Sale” section are several selling forums split into categories. If you want to place an advert:

Make sure that you are registered and logged in.

Choose the forum that relates to what you are selling and click on the forum name to open it. This will open that specific forum.

Click on the “Add topic” button to open the Text Entry Box.

Add a Topic Title. This should be what you are selling.

Add the main body of text. Please include what you are selling, some information about it and any contact details if you want people to contact you regarding your advert. An email address or a contact phone number could be used for example.

You can add a photo via the “Attach File:” box where it says “Choose File” to upload a file. Please note that there is a 10MB limit to each file upload.

When you are ready just click the “Add Topic” button to add the topic to the forum.

Your topic will now be posted.

Replying To A Topic

Registered and signed in members can reply to a topic.

Open the topic. If you are signed in to the site there will be a Text Entry box available to you to type your reply.

Type your reply.

When you are finished click the “Add Reply” button.

Your reply will be added below the topic.

Email Notifications – Subscribing To A Topic

By default “Subscribe to this topic” tick-box is set to on by default if you create a topic or reply to a topic.

If you are subscribed to a topic you will receive an email notification if someone adds to the topic.